hf7b5 ifide esa23 itfd2 yhznd t5kd6 4nbzr 78zea 5ks59 fdtnh f9s5k zie8r a25di h9f7e f2s3s r7y9i 5ehi8 z7h46 34tt6 54692 9fir7 Everything Is Awesome: A Search-and-Find Celebration of LEGO History (LEGO) Hardcover – Sept. 28 2021 44% OFF!! https://amzn.to/30U02CB |

Everything Is Awesome: A Search-and-Find Celebration of LEGO History (LEGO) Hardcover – Sept. 28 2021 44% OFF!! https://amzn.to/30U02CB

2021.10.25 16:06 dr0id3r99 Everything Is Awesome: A Search-and-Find Celebration of LEGO History (LEGO) Hardcover – Sept. 28 2021 44% OFF!! https://amzn.to/30U02CB

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2021.10.25 16:06 ffxivawayy Steam doesn't always properly launch on fresh boot

I'm on Windows 10 and Steam is set to launch on startup. Sometimes when my system starts up, the Steam launcher doesn't actually show up, even though it is shown in the processes. Force closing the process and relaunching doesn't get it to launch either (even though it will again show in the process list), I have to reboot and hope it actually works that time. Any idea why this happens?
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2021.10.25 16:06 youtuber00 Twitch

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2021.10.25 16:06 sc00ttie I've confirmed BIOS is set to GEN2. Any other further ideas? It this that important?

I've confirmed BIOS is set to GEN2. Any other further ideas? It this that important? submitted by sc00ttie to minerstat [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 16:06 FailingUpwardsInLife New player needs help with characters ^^

Hello, I'm really new to honkai, so I could use some help from the more experienced lot :) I saved up 616 work points cards, and I was thinking about buying some dorm gachas. In case you don't remember, types alpha and beta cost 200, and type gamma costs 100.
A. Are they worth it? Should I get them? B. Which should I get? For reference, the characters I own are dimension breaker (s), molotov cherry (s), swallowtail phantasm (s), valkyrie ranger (a), divine prayer (a), crimson impulse (a), valkyrie blades trike (a), gyakushinn miko (a), dark bolt jonin (a), valkyrie chariot (a), yamabushi armor (a), valkyrie pledge (a), night squire (a), midnight absinthe (a), and some b ranks. C. Which characters should I invest in? Game play wise I enjoy molotov cherry and swallowtail phantasm the most, but I do want to work towards meta (I'm f2p).
Thanks in advance to any and all replies <3
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2021.10.25 16:06 Teves3D With another legend and the ability to find people, I think now is the best time to buff crypto, and here’s how;

Simple, it’s been recommended by thousands of people in this sub and it is a GOOD change to crypto.
Add a passive to crypto to prevent him from being located by recon legends.
This is a hard counter to BH, Seer, Fuse, Horizon, other cryptos and then soon Ash. It will not only increase his pick rate albeit just a little, but it will also change the dynamic for when facing a recon legend. Give them a sneak advantage never seen before. And what better legend to give this passive to than the man who avoided detection for years. Just fits lore wise too.
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2021.10.25 16:06 redgrufti1848 How to use NODE-RED with nginx

Hi, I am trying to configure NODE-RED with nginx and it seems there are some special settings necessary. At least the node-red WEB-GUI is always losing the connection to the host. Any help is really appreciated.
Thanks and Regards!
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2021.10.25 16:06 hucksteRRR Need help with regexextract formula

Hello again,
So this is example of the content of my cell:
2 pal 200x90cm
And this is my formula:
The result is accordingly:
b1: 2
c1: 200
d1: 90
What I would like to do is to make equation 2*200*90 inside of this formula, is it even possible? All in one cell A1? These numbers are not values yet, once I add value(), only b1 stays, the rest disappears
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2021.10.25 16:06 kehitysjono Ivermektiini on paras ratkaisu koronaan

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2021.10.25 16:06 Pikapita S(us)pooky

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2021.10.25 16:06 Expatblondie31 [LF] Pears, Oranges, Moon DIYs [FT] bells, NMTs

My island is a mess but I’m looking for Pears and Oranges to finish my fruits before the new update, and any moon DIYs. I’ll be willing to pay bells or NMTs. Thanks in advance!!
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2021.10.25 16:06 Sufficient_Ad_444 Qui a des photos de beurettes ? Faites tourner en pv on sbranle dessus

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2021.10.25 16:06 Plastic_Woodpecker $BKKT keeps getting removed from revolut.. i bought it now i cant even sell or buy more as revolut shows it dont exist no more.. happening to anyone else?

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2021.10.25 16:06 Maple_2019 What Spells/Troops can I ignore upgrading for TH10+?

I'm currently about a month away from fully maxing everything except my lab. To keep the game more fun for myself, I've decided to just skip upgrading the troops that aren't as useful in the later stages of the game once I get to the point where my walls, structures, and heroes are all maxed.
At the moment, I've stopped prioritizing (and their current level in parenthesis):

I'm currently planning on upgrading (and their current level in parenthesis):
Are there any other troops/spells that aren't super useful in the later stages of the game that I should try to focus on? Alternatively, are there any troops/spells I'm planning on upgrading that aren't so good? I have enough to buy some hammers/books, but I'm trying to save them for the big boy upgrades in TH11 like Electrodrags.
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2021.10.25 16:06 Donpremt12 how does earning money through ads work for under 18. Can i do it or is it againt the terms. thx

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2021.10.25 16:06 adhoclaboratory Hardcore sadomasochism porn

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2021.10.25 16:06 Bamboozle55 McCree's, I mean Cassidy's big day tomorrow!!

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2021.10.25 16:06 EntropicBlackhole Product List: Organize products and prices for a small business

Organize your business with Product List, just insert in the name and price of the product, and it'll be listed
The + Button is to add a new product to the list The - Button is to delete any product from the list The Modify Button is to modify any item from the list The Save Button will save the list of items to the Ini file The AOT Checkbox will keep the window Always On Top The Reload Button will Reload the script The Search Edit is where you can type a product's name and it will appear on the list The DropDown is where you can filter the searcher. Select Name and only products with matching names will appear, select Price and only products with matching prices will appear Press F6 to show the GUI Enjoy! (If you find any bugs tell me so I can fix them)

#SingleInstance Force #NoEnv SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% SetBatchLines -1 SysGet, VSBW, 2 ; SM_CXVSCROLL Rows := 30 MinW := 96 - VSBW MaxW := 96 Col2W := Max Fol := "C:\Users\" A_UserName "\AppData\Local\EPBHs Creations\Product List" Ini := Fol "\Items.ini" FileCreateDir, %Fol% IniRead, CreateItems, %Ini%, Items Gui, Add, ListView, xm ym w337 h170 +LV0x10000 -Multi, Name|Price Gui, Font, s30 Gui, Add, Button, xm y+5 w50 h45 gAddShow, + Gui, Add, Button, x+5 w50 h45 gDelete, - Gui, Font Gui, Add, Button, x+5 w50 h20 gModifyShow, &Modify Gui, Add, Button, y+5 w50 h20 gSave, &Save Gui, Add, CheckBox, x+5 yp-24 w45 h20 gAOT, AOT Gui, Add, Button, y+4 w47 h20 gReload, &Reload Gui, Add, Edit, x+5 yp-24 w120 HwndSearchEdit vSearcher gSearch, Gui, Add, DropDownList, y+1 w120 AltSubmit vFilter gSearch, Name||Price Gui, +hwndMainGUI Loop, Parse, CreateItems, `n { ItemsCreated := StrSplit(A_LoopField, "=") LV_Add(, ItemsCreated[1], ItemsCreated[2]) } LV_ModifyCol(1, 276) Gui, Show, , Product List CueBanner(SearchEdit) GoSub, SubLV ControlGet, BackupListItems, List, , SysListView321, ahk_id %MainGUI% Gui, New, , Add Gui, Add:+ToolWindow Gui, Add:Add, Text, , Name Gui, Add:Add, Edit, w90 h20 vNameAdd Gui, Add:Add, Edit, w50 h20 vPriceAdd Gui, Add:Add, UpDown, , 1 Gui, Add:Add, Text, x+5 yp+3 w35, Price Gui, Add:Add, Button, xm w90 gAdd, Add return AddShow: GuiControl, Add:Text, Button1, Add GuiControl, Add:+gAdd, Button1 GuiControl, Add:Text, Edit1 GuiControl, Add:Text, Edit2 Gui, Add:Show, , Add return Add: Gui, Add:Submit Gui, 1:Default LV_Add(, NameAdd, PriceAdd) GoSub, Save return Delete: if CheckItemSelected() { MsgBox 0x4, Product List, Are you sure you want to delete this item? IfMsgBox Yes if CheckItem { LV_GetText(out, CheckItem) IniDelete, %Ini%, Items, %out% LV_Delete(CheckItem) GoSub, Save } } else MsgBox 0x30, Product List, Please Select A Row First return ModifyShow: if CheckItemSelected() { GuiControl, Add:Text, Button1, Modify GuiControl, Add:+gModify, Button1 LV_GetText(NameGet, CheckItem) LV_GetText(PriceGet, CheckItem, 2) GuiControl, Add:Text, Edit1, %NameGet% GuiControl, Add:Text, Edit2, %PriceGet% Gui, Add:Show, , Modify } else MsgBox 0x30, Product List, Please Select A Row First return Modify: Gui, Add:Submit Gui, 1:Default LV_Modify(CheckItem, , NameAdd, PriceAdd) IniDelete, %Ini%, Items, %NameGet% BackupListItems := StrReplace(BackupListItems, NameGet, NameAdd) BackupListItems := StrReplace(BackupListItems, PriceGet, PriceAdd) GoSub, Save return Save: ControlGet, ListOfItems, List, , SysListView321, ahk_id %MainGUI% Loop, Parse, ListOfItems, `n { StringSplit, Items, A_LoopField, %A_Tab% IniWrite, %Items2%, %Ini%, Items, %Items1% } return AOT: WinSet, AlwaysOnTop, , ahk_id %MainGUI% return Reload: Reload return Search: Gui, Submit, NoHide LV_Delete() Loop, Parse, BackupListItems, `n { StringSplit, Out, A_LoopField, %A_Tab% if Searcher if InStr(Out%Filter%, Searcher) { GoSub, Save LV_Add(, Out1, Out2) } if not Searcher LV_Add(, Out1, Out2) } return SubLV: Gui, 1:Default If (LV_GetCount() > Rows) { If (Col2W <> MinW) LV_ModifyCol(2, Col2W := MinW) } Else { If (Col2W <> MaxW) LV_ModifyCol(2, Col2W := MaxW) } LV_ModifyCol(2, 40) return F6::Gui, Show CheckItemSelected() { global CheckItem TotalSelectedItems := % LV_GetCount("S") CheckItem := LV_GetNext() if (TotalSelectedItems >= 1) return true else return false } CueBanner(Hwnd, Text := "Search") { SendMessage 0x1501, 0, &Text,, ahk_id %Hwnd% } 
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2021.10.25 16:06 Blood-n-Cheese Diana by Peter Polach

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2021.10.25 16:06 DeMappaussant Bought another $1000 worth SHIB during the last dip. Will keep buying more and HOLD. I’d love to support the community like everyone here.

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2021.10.25 16:06 one_cheeky_boiii Nothing happened in tianamen square in 1989

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2021.10.25 16:06 zer0se7ense7en me_irl

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2021.10.25 16:06 flytraphippie Anybody want to talk batteries?

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2021.10.25 16:06 Onlyheretoreplylol Might stick my yoohoo in a pencil sharpener today 😯

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2021.10.25 16:06 JustABoringHooman Trish Una and Narancia Ghirga from JJBA

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