Update on the living room. Couch changed colors and still looking for the perfect second layer of curtains! Excuse the mess pls

2021.10.25 17:50 repdawgg Update on the living room. Couch changed colors and still looking for the perfect second layer of curtains! Excuse the mess pls

Update on the living room. Couch changed colors and still looking for the perfect second layer of curtains! Excuse the mess pls submitted by repdawgg to interiordecorating [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 17:50 bot_neen Reporte covid-19: Suman 3,783,327 casos acumulados en México

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2021.10.25 17:50 AnOldMoth [WTS][USA-PA][H] Moondrop Blessing 2 with optional TRIPOWIN C8 Cable [W] PayPal

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2021.10.25 17:50 Wwarez Top 10 Biggest Predators

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2021.10.25 17:50 Tekken809 Lettings agents want me to have my heating on 100% 24/7, the landlord will contribute. What should my minimum acceptance be..?

TLDR; Lettings agents want me to put the heating on a lot more to avoid mould damage and will get the landlord to help with the gas bill. How much should I say is acceptable?
So. 2 weeks after moving into my new 2 bed flat I found signs of damp and mould behind the radiator on an outside facing wall.
The lettings agency have been excellent and organised for a survey, the survey revealed “significant moisture” and rising damp, the advise following this was to keep the flat at 18° as much as possible.
This has caused quite a lot of my high ticket items to be covered in mould if left untouched for more than 3 days (bed, under the bed, units, coats etc) and damaged quite a few bits beyond repair which I will need to replace.
Following on from this the letting agents have suggested I turn the heating to 100% for 24 hours a day to dry the flat out and they will “instruct” the landlord to contribute to my bills OR allow me early termination from my contract (9 months left)
With that said, I have no idea what a good deal is with this? Or can I demand the full utility bill is paid here..?
I currently have the heating on for 3 hours a day at roughly 50%. 1 before I wake up, 1 before I arrive home from work and 1 hour before I go to bed so my bill will increase tenfold and I really don’t fancy even paying 25% of a £300 bill when the last 2 months I’ve been spending £13 average?
Can I claim
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2021.10.25 17:50 SexyBarbiee Am I shadowbanned?

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2021.10.25 17:50 Chizz-Dippler A moment of quiet for this beastly Murcielago I've been enjoying today.

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2021.10.25 17:50 SomeGuyInJeans Please critque my backstory. I feel like it can be done better but i dont know how

I want everything. I want power, fame, fortune, followers. But what i want most. Is my love. Lady delieratra of the finolap family, my families rivals. The most beautiful maiden to have graced kingsreach. We have known each other since we were young. At age 8 we would tell our parents that we would go out to play with friends. They didnt know that we each other and friends. At age 12 I saved her from a rabid dog. It bit me and i was out for a week. She would in secret see my youngest brother webb to know how im doing. At age 15 we shared our first kiss after i snuck into her house with her. Her parents heard. Then her parents and the house security came into her room and saw us looking passionately into her eyes. Her dads eyes filled with red rage and her moms with violet disappointment. They threw me from the window atop the forth floor. As I fell, my life flashed before my eyes. Every moment of happiness with her. I crashed into the ground with a loud boom. I tried to get up but my legs had broke and my spine was mangled. I cried out to delieratra “i will return for you my love. For not even your parents or my mangled body will stop me.” I crawled home and webb found me a bloody mess. I passed out from the blood loss. I woke up a year later. Webb was by my side. All my other family was disappointed in me. I was a disgrace to them. Webb caught me up. He told me about how delieratra was locked up in a tower with no no doors. The only connection to the outside world being a bucket and a rope. Much like her fathers than night my eyes filled with anger. But also sadness. Webb then told me thats not it. He pulled out a tin box. In it were letters. All to me? From delieratra! I wepped with joy for my love has not forgotten me. I got up to run to her house but fell. I look back and see my legs. They were a shell of their former self. Webbed tried to pick me up and put me on my hospital bed. He told me how the doctors said i would never walk again. My heart dropped. I felt as if my there was no way i could even help delieratra. No. I still can. I looked at webb with determination in my eyes. I told him to grab me a wheel chair. He helped me in to it and i raced straight to the house of finolap and shouted “count finolap! I swear on my life i will free you daoughter from your grip of hate some how. I will return here someday. And when i do i will be the strongest noble you have ever seen. I will crush you leaving nothing but a poor man in a destroyed house. Your life will be spared with nothing but depression left. Your daughter, my true love will be mine and that's a promise.” He looked down on me with pity and disgust. “Not me nor the heir will ever let you even breath near my daughter.” I rolled off to start my quest to take delieratra back. The first step was to get back my ability to walk. All conventional methods would take to long and nor would it restore them to their former glory. I remembered a story of scientist that could turn normal people into hybrids of animals but at some cost. If they can create a race then surely they can help me. I went off in search of the simic scientists. It took me a month but I finally found them in the woods of hainoz. I confronted them with my tale of woe and begged them to help me. They informed me that they can't fully help me. But they can set me on the path to get many appendages and the ability to climb and reach your love from even atop the heavens. I told them to do it. It took three torturous months of not even knowing if she was ok and bone mending, flesh altering magic. But I can finally climb to her. So i went back to the house of finolap and climbed the tower to reach my love. When we finally saw each other we were about to touch hands when i was shot. A arrow pierced my flesh flying straight throw my ribcage. I almost lost my grip but i held on. I looked over and saw count finolap and 15 soldiers with cross bows. The cound ordered them to fire with a twisted grin. I was shot everywhere an arrow can pierce. The mouth, arms, legs, they almost hit my heart. I eventually slipped. I looked over as i fell from the 20 meter tower and saw a wizard with fire in his hands. He screamed fire ball and a massive inferno shot from his hands and was on a course to incinerate me. Thats when a golden portal opened up and a giant hand grabbed a hold of me, moving me away from the fire. The hand pulled me in and I disappeared from behind the ball. Everyone started in shock at what happened. Then the count started to scheme. When I came to, I was lying in the hand of a giant woman clad in a golden dress. She was in a great hall on a mighty throne. All of which gleamed like the sun. I was about to ask alot of question. If it wasnt for the arrow that cut my tounge off that was currently in my cheek. “You need not speak, for i can read your mind. I have been watching you for a long time. In search of people who can wield my power. You have demonstrated your greed by going to great lengths to get what you want. For this i shall reward you. Your body may now be crippled but with my power your former glory will look like nothing compared to what you will become. But, you will gain a greed and want more and better of everything. Besides your love. This is the only condition to me helping you besides your loyalty that will affect you negatively. Do you want this?” She said with a booming voice. I nodded with excitement on my bloody face. “Then I shall grant you the power of one of my soldiers.” Suddenly she put her other hand on top of me and started to utter words. The inside of her hand started to heat up and get bright. A intense golden light engulffed me as i began to scream feeling my bones rearrange and muscle swell. Then it went dark. She stop talking. I felt ok again but it felt tighter in side her hands as if it had gotten smaller. She lifted up her hand and i had gotten bigger. I was clad in armor and I noticed two weapong on my back. All my wounds were gone, not even a scar in their place. I looked at her and said “thank you lord Gullveig.” Gullveig? She never told me her name but it’s permanently engraved in my mind. She told me “you can not see your love again yet. For the count has moved her atop a great mountain in a bigger tower. Not only that but he has also hired an army to guard her at all cost. If you go back than you will be killed and i cant interfere anymore with you.” “Then what choice do i have? I must save her from his twisted grasp.” “You shall in time. You must first find a metallic creator, an elven thief, and a fallen angel. They will set you on a path to beat the count and save your love” “then i shall. Is their any way i can keep in contact with my love though?” “Let me think” the goddess thought for a moment and then looked down the hall and raised her hand. Suddenly a fox with fur of gold and wings with silver spots appeared out of the ground. He flew over to me and sat beside me. “This is medmorn. He will be your companion. He will take any items you give him small enough for him hold and fly it at great speeds to lady delieratra and fly back to you in a matter of seconds. You too are forever bonded now. He is your pet, your companion, and allie.” I thanked her and she teleported us out of her hall and out to kingsreach. I traveled to my house and told webb i will be leaving and wont be back for a while. He gave me a hug and I wandered off with medmorn. I sent medmorn with a message to delieratra. I have since then just been wandering in search of the spoken few. A fallen angel, a thieving elf, and a metallic creator. Its all i have done since then. For deliratra.
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2021.10.25 17:50 Dangerous-Whereas-46 A situation about pressing charges?

I just need some personal advice on wether I should press charges about a s*x crime.
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2021.10.25 17:50 IRDNASYT SpongebobSandri

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2021.10.25 17:50 Entrepreneur_Dull crysis 2 and 3 max settings vs crysis 2/3 remastered on medium/high settings

how does the old game compare on max settings compare to the new crysis remasters on a mix of medium and high settings.
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2021.10.25 17:50 ChiaPetGuy Why do Zavala and Drifter's icons keep flashing after I've done everything for the week?

Title. Zavala and Drifter's icons keep flashing. I don't have rewards to claim, special orders, quests, or anything to pick up from them. They just won't stop and it's incredibly annoying.
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2021.10.25 17:50 locomotion_creations 24-inch Diameter Lazy Susan that I made out of maple, walnut, and purpleheart.

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2021.10.25 17:50 esuoteerf Proud family man leaves soulmate a single mommy for Trump; libtards totally owned.

Proud family man leaves soulmate a single mommy for Trump; libtards totally owned. submitted by esuoteerf to HermanCainAward [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 17:50 rgerrard13 Zion during April

Planning a trip out to Zion in the middle of April. How is the weather around that time? We’re hoping to do the angels landing hike. Any insight would be great!
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2021.10.25 17:50 EbbDiscombobulated89 Has anybody worked with Mikado?

Found this business online,
but I couldn't find any infos on reddit.
They do have instagram and facebook but not seriously active.
They are located in Nebraska.
Any insights appreciated!!
Good day.
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2021.10.25 17:50 Jelly511 [USA-NC] [H] BNIB MSI 1660S OC Dual [W] Cash, PayPal to those with confirmed trades

time stamp
Hello! I’m selling a BNIB MSI 1660 Super, it was bought from a micro center. I’m selling it for $500 local cash (zip is 29607 and 28212). Willing to drive up to one hour from either zip codes. Will take $530 PayPal invoice with UPS signature for those with ~10 confirmed trades. Comment before PM, thank you!
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2021.10.25 17:50 mcslave8 Be careful with the latest model 3 update.

I got 2021.36.5.1 yesterday. Today I drove my car and it had turned off the setting to hold the brakes at a stop. My car started to roll backwards and I didn’t even realize it at first. It also disabled walk away locks setting but gave me a message about that before I left my car.
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2021.10.25 17:50 CornerImpossible534 Anybody know what this airplane is?

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2021.10.25 17:50 redrosesinjune How Long Should I (21F) Wait for my Ex (24M) before dating?

Hi all,
So my ex and I broke up around 2 months ago, and we made contact about a month ago and have been seeing each other since. We are in school together, and I've been feeling very nervous about if he's leading me on so I mustered up the courage to talk about our relationship. We have agreed be exclusive as in we're just seeing each other and only each other and not anyone else, which my friends have told me is a good step in the right direction. However, he told me he's not looking to get back anytime soon but wouldn't count it out. Overall, I've just been given a big fat "maybe" about getting back together. He says we're just seeing each other right now like once a week and "seeing where it goes". I asked him if we're just taking it slow and he just said "I mean I guess you could call it that but I also don't really know what that means". He also said that's a term people use when they're dating but then said "I mean we kind of are". In short, he doesn't want to get back together and only wants to see me once a week. I spent the night at his house the other day which was a little shocking to me because he has been avoiding me coming there. I asked him if he was leading me on and he told me he wasn't but kept emphasizing the casually part, which he told me just means we're seeing each other like once a week.
I guess in short, how long should I wait for him to be ready for a relationship again? In the past month alone we have gone from barley talking to him inviting me to stay the night. We've gone on a few dates, and my friends have told me this is a good step in our relationship but him telling me repeatedly he doesn't know if he wants to get back together and doesn't want to promise anything makes me a tad nervous.
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2021.10.25 17:50 Chart-trader Russell 2000: Our main workhorse performs as expexted. It took out the September high and will attack the June and March high at 2360 soon. Once we make new ATHs in the Russell 2000 all bets are off. People won't even realize what happened....

Russell 2000: Our main workhorse performs as expexted. It took out the September high and will attack the June and March high at 2360 soon. Once we make new ATHs in the Russell 2000 all bets are off. People won't even realize what happened.... submitted by Chart-trader to Beat_the_benchmark [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 17:50 BennytehBeaver So I've been playing through Resident Evil Village...

This game is one of the most disappointing games I've ever played in my life. And it's all because it has one of the worst stories I've ever played/am currently playing through.
Village begins promisingly, but then immediately proceeds to render the events of VII pointless right from the word 'go'. It only gets worse from there, as the plot goes out of its way to piss off both sane players and fans of the entire series. For starters, the plot they went with is a giant McGuffin hunt, which is something RE should NEVER, EVER be. And making matters worse is that this McGuffin hunt seems to have it in for not just VII, but the franchise as a whole. Whereas Resident Evil established that the origins of each monster you face need to be man-made and somewhat grounded in science, Village gleefully subverts and destroys that established rule, as although the monsters you fight are born from the Mold (not a spoiler, you can guess that from the death animations), the main BOWs, The Four Lords (and their followers), have actual, honest-to-god, fantasy superpowers.
And YOU! the GGZ idiots about to type in "durr Wesker go Fwoosh", that's bullshit. When Wesker was revived by the t-Virus in Code: Veronica, he gained enhanced dexterity, superhuman speed and superhuman strength; stuff perfectly believable in the world of Resident Evil. The Four Lords however have Telekinesis, the ability to turn into swarms of locusts, and even the ability to become ghosts, stuff that completely contradicts the franchise rules! And the game breaks immersion so much with Ethan surviving attacks that should've killed him and the Mold doing stuff it never did in VII!
But the worst part is how it gleefully gives awful resolutions to plot points and horrific answers to mysteries from VII. Once I've finished playing Village, I doubt I'd EVER look at VII without thinking of the revelations and outcomes featured in Village! I doubt that the writing team from VII worked on this, and I believe that if they DID, they started with good ideas before then being forced to rush due to the RE3 remake. It's a shame too, because the gameplay is really good. A damned disappointment.
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2021.10.25 17:50 legitcrypto Bullish.. matter of time.. we find the Code and we're good to go 😁

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2021.10.25 17:50 xhjo1wix09 Josh Mandel, a former State Treasurer of Ohio and currently GOP Senate candidate who claimed that George Soros has masterminded the COVID-19 pandemic, wants to "shut down government schools and put schools in churches and synagogues" in order to create a Judeo-Christian theocracy.

Josh Mandel, a former State Treasurer of Ohio and currently GOP Senate candidate who claimed that George Soros has masterminded the COVID-19 pandemic, wants to submitted by xhjo1wix09 to WhiteTaliban [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 17:50 Bat_is_my_last_name Frendica i ja smo napravili website-forum posvećen Balaševićevim raritetima

Dakle, kako je frendica luda za Đorđe Balaševićem (i meni je jako drag) a ja pak vježbam raditi u Wordpressu i ovo mi je došlo kao odličan izazov kao malo naprednija stranica - odlučili smo napraviti web stranicu koja bi sadržavala forum o anegdotama iz privatnih i javnih susreta sa njim, kao i dio stranice gdje bi korisnici postavljali raritetne fotografije i prvatne snimke govora i pjesama s koncerata (ako bude problema sa autorskim, to ćemo maknuti).
Ono što bih vas zamolio je da bacite oko na stranicu, a ako netko također voli Đoleta a istovremeno se kuži u ubrzavanje Wordpress stranica (smanjenje nepotrebnog CSS-a, JS itd.), nek mi s javi u inbox pa se možeš ulogirati koji dan i pomoći ako bi mogao.
Inače, sve smo napravili volonterski, a stranica također ni na koji način nikada neće biti monetizirana - ovo je čisto napravljeno kao neka vrsta memorijala koju sami financiramo - da nas netko ne napadne za samopromociju. Ustvari više pišem ovaj post ako se netko nađe tko bi pomogao oko ubrzavanja stranice jer ludim već danima i nikako je ubrzati.
Stranica je https://provincijalka.com/
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