I wish this was a joke

2021.09.20 04:05 ofxpetrichor I wish this was a joke

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2021.09.20 04:05 PsyLife232 Who do you think are Dodgebolt MVPs for Each MCC(from the winning teams)?

mcc 1: probably krtzyy,as he hit the most shots, but kara clutched. Ill give it to krtzyy
mcc 2: easily ryguyrocky. performed the first ever ace and 1v2.
mcc 3: this ones a bit ambiguous, but id say either vikk or scott both with 3 kills, probably give it to scott for the final shot to win.
mcc 4: pretty even between tommy techno and philza, with tommy and techno both getting 3 kills and surviving a round, philza got 2 kills and survived both rounds. Ill give this one to tommy for the winning shot.
mcc 5: shubbles 1v2 clutch was a massive pop off moment for me, making her the mvp.
mcc 6: despite dying first for the first two rounds, fundys ace in the final round is enough for me.
mcc 7: All of green popped off this mcc, but ill give it to hbomb for the most kills.
mcc 8: Burren went crazy this mcc, so i think he deserves this spot.
mcc 9: Both hbomb and fruit tied on kills, but ill give it to hbomb because of him hyping up the team leading to the reberse sweep.
mcc 10: false supremacy
mcc 11: easily dream. this was his mcc
mcc 12: This ones fairly close with each member doing well, but georges kills on fruitberries probably seal the deal here
mcc 13: both illumina and punz popped off, but ill give to punz for the almost ace in the last round.
mcc 14: All of this team popped off with all of them getting a kill in round 2, but ill give it to wisp for his dodging.
mcc 15: dream didnt die once.
mcc 16: f1nnsters accuracy was insane, especially with fruit
mcc 17: grian 1v3 clutch for the win the script writes itself.
H and dream both get two mvps, which makes total sense to me.
What are your opinions?
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2021.09.20 04:05 highkastle Bellator 266 results: DeAnna Bennett decisions Alejandra Lara in dominant showing

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2021.09.20 04:05 big_hot_load Nice Beanbags

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2021.09.20 04:05 ZoobBot 174001

This is the 174001st time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.09.20 04:05 SosoKhoon What's the most efficient way to level up?

To level up new units, do you slot them in your best teams and do boss runs or have a full team of new units and do exp kaleidoscope?
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2021.09.20 04:05 fuckthatvincekid Seeking 1-2 moderators

CSS experience would be a plus! I'm not experienced, I have a full reddit snoo pic of the full band though that we can work in. Regardless, just post here and I'll just pick one or two people at random that seem nice. Thanks!
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2021.09.20 04:05 AdministrativeWest7 Bungie, please let us put shaders on exotic weapons

When you preview a shader with an Exotic weapon in hand, it'll apply the shader, but only for the preview. We can do it with armor, why not weapons?
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2021.09.20 04:05 QuestionAll- Looking forward to the bloodbath tomorrow.

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2021.09.20 04:05 ch1214ch Why can't I screw in an attachment to a bicycle floor pump when the hose is in the locked position?

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2021.09.20 04:05 bikerdudelovescats Milo, Yam, and Acorn. Milo and Yam are bird watching, Acorn is taking a nap... 'wake me up when something exciting happens...' zzz 😂

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2021.09.20 04:05 Calamityrunamuk Ruined friendship because of my depression

I’ve lived with depression since my early 20s. I didn’t know what was wrong with me until I reached my 30s. Tried looking for help but couldn’t find help that I could afford until my late 30s, which I’ve recently started.
So, I’ve been friends with her for 7 years now. When we met I was deep in my depression and was having suicidal thoughts. I opened up to her about these thoughts after knowing each other for 5 years. She cried for me and was genuinely sorry for what I was going through and let me know she was there for me.
It’s been 2 years since then and she recently stopped texting me. We usually text silly memes to each other a few times a week but she suddenly stopped. Maybe I’m overthinking things but I think she’s, understandably, had enough.
I haven’t gotten better and I’ve now realized that I was putting a lot of my depression on her for most of the time we’ve known each other. I also ended up developing feeling for her during this time and let her know about it. I want to reach out and apologize for what I was doing. But I’m not sure if I should. How would you feel if a friend put you through something like that and apologized to you for it.
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2021.09.20 04:05 amreshk005 How do we create an upgradeable smart contract with a hardhat?

I'm trying to create the upgradeable smart contract and I'm following this blog but the problem is, I'm creating the contract with the ERC721URIStorage modifier so it says that you should have a constructor in that, but for an upgradeable contract documentation says, you should not have a constructor but there should initialize function.
how I can create the upgradeable smart contract ERC721URIStorage with modifiers.
contract Box is ERC721URIStorage{ address payable owner; constructor() ERC721("Box", "Pixel"){ owner = payable(msg.sender); }
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2021.09.20 04:05 osu47 This keeps having happening to my Visio smartv that I got from target. Does anyone know what may be causing this?

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2021.09.20 04:05 alltoowell1989 I’ve seen a handful of these on eBay, all signed very similar. Are these fake?

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2021.09.20 04:05 SQAV88 This painting deals with the consecration of Christ, there is no other like it and there is the possibility of acquiring it physically.

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2021.09.20 04:05 Jonahwww82 love my new wallpaper, straight off Franks story, thought y’all would like it to.

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2021.09.20 04:05 evanotoo Chaos is now available on opensea!! Grab it NOW

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2021.09.20 04:05 BiteSizedTaco Boxbox plays Hot or Not

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2021.09.20 04:05 AZoutdoorlover Definitely a scam, especially since I don’t have a Chase account, but I could see it fooling someone who wasn’t paying attention.

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2021.09.20 04:05 cyanidenohappiness My school bathroom got “devious licked”

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2021.09.20 04:05 iamsouthy Hong Kong VIX seems excited.

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2021.09.20 04:05 Timwis123 NEVOKS VEEGO 80 POD MOD KIT - Review

NEVOKS VEEGO 80 POD MOD KIT - Review Hi Reddit readers, In this review I take a look at the Veego 80 Pod Mod Kit from Nevoks. The Veego 80 Pod Mod Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Agnes from Nevoks.
Nevoks are a relatively new brand which came into being while the vaping world first went pod and then pod mod crazy so no surprise that's what we have seen from them. The Feelin' I really liked and from what I hear from those that have tried their other products they are definitely a brand worth keeping an eye on going forwards!
The Veego 80 is a step up and for me ticks a lot of boxes (things seem to of been well thought through), it's basically a pod mod/AIO with a pod that is more like a tank and a device despite its full height face plate is pretty much a SBS design! The kit also includes a 510 adaptor which is one of the best ones I have used turning the Veego 80 into a standard SBS style standard device.
The Veego 80 is an 80w device, accommodating a single 18650 which offers wattage(smart), voltage and RBA modes, let's delve down deeper!
In The Box
1* Veego80 Mod 1* Veego80 Empty Pod 1* SPL-12 Mesh Coil 0.17Ω 1* SPL-12 Mesh Coil 0.3Ω 1* 510 Adapter 1* Type-C Cable 1* User Manual 1* Warranty Card
Aesthetics and Ergonomics
The Veego 80 came in sturdy cardboard box packaging with outer cardboard sleeve, on the front we have a picture of the device in the colour of choice with contents etc on the reverse. I received the Galaxy Blue version which consists of a Gunmetal colour device and Blue Leather spine, the colour option refers to the Leather spine! The colour choices are Space Silver, Charcoal Black, Imperial Red, Galaxy Blue or Vintage Brown!
The main chassis is made of Zinc Alloy and the device is very slender, it has a very unique look with a SBS design but with a full height face plate allowing for a more comfortable firing position. The spine is basically a battery tube with padded Leather wrap, centrally we have "nevoks" embossed into the leather and also visible stitching around the edging. The front section underneath where either the pod or atomiser (with adaptor fitted) will be installed has cylindrical contours (on one side "VEEGO 80" is printed) which adds to the unique look it's almost SBS meets Double Barrel meets a standard device!
The face plate has a Black panel with a Zinc Alloy, Gunmetal colour oval protruding fire button towards the top, side by side towards the bottom we have two small, round navigational buttons also both Zinc Alloy and a Gunmetal colour to match both the fire button and main chassis. All buttons give a nice click without being noisy and have just over average travel. Between the fire and navigational buttons we have the screen and then right at the bottom in a central position the Type C USB port.
Moving to the base we have printed safety marks and branding and then up top either the pod or atomiser protrudes and to one side we have a battery cap with fine side knurling.
Due to the slender nature of the device, curves and pretty much perfect position of the fire button this is a joy to both hold and fire, it's a well made unique looking device so really can't ask for much more than that when it comes to aesthetics! Just one thing that needs mentioning is when shaking the I got slight rattle from the fire button, its fine during normal use!
Veego 80 Specs and Features:
Size: 49.0* 23.3* 90.5mm Material: Zinc alloy & leather Battery: single 18650 Battery(not included) Output: 5-80W Output voltage: 0.5-4.2V Charging: Type C 5V/2A Drip tip: POM drip tip Pod Material: PCTG Capacity: 3.5ml (2ml TPD) Resistance: SPL-12 Mesh Coil 0.17Ω(40-60W) SPL-12 Mesh Coil 0.3Ω(30-50W) SPL-12 Mesh Coil 0.6Ω(15-25W) Support VW/VV/RBA modes Transparent top filling cartridge Adjustable bottom airflow 510 replacement drip tip 510 adapter, switch between pod mod & mod Colours: Space Silver, Charcoal Black, Imperial Red, Galaxy Blue, Vintage Brown
What You Receive?
As well as the Veego 80 device and empty pod you also receive two different coil heads which are the SPL-12 Mesh 0.17Ω coil head and the SPL-12 Mesh 0.3Ω coil head. Of course you also receive all the paperwork and Type C USB cable but also a 510 adaptor to allow standard atomisers to fit.
The Pod
The pod actually is very much like a standard tank in both it's looks and it's airflow control. When in the introduction I said it ticks so many boxes and is well thought through that comment mostly referred to this pod which has all the features missing or lacking in way of execution with most pods. Firstly we have a standard fitting 510 drip tip, now the included drip tip I don't like much but no worries I just fitted one of my many others!
We then also have top fill which is a massive pro, just lift up the silicone bung to reveal a very generous fill port which is easy big enough to allow air to escape while you add liquid for a mess free quick fill! If you use a large bottle to fill and find the drip-tip becomes an obstacle just remove the drip tip before filling. Then we have the fit for purpose adjustable airflow which operates just like any standard dual cyclops system and will cover more in a later section.
The Pod is clear so great visibility of your juice and has a 3.5ml capacity (2ml TPD version). Moving to the base we have a cylindrical opening for the coil to be fitted and large kidney shape magnets either side!
Fitting The Coil Head And Coil Options!
It's not rocket science, the Veego Pod deploys the usual plug and play method we see with most of the popular pod mod pods so the coil head just gets press fitted into the pod where it will be sealed via dual O-rings and will also seal to the chimney via the top set of dual O-rings.
Two coil heads are included which are the SPL-12 Mesh 0.17Ω coil head rated between 40w and 60w and the SPL-12 Mesh 0.3Ω coil head which is rated between 30w to 50w. Also available is the SPL-12 Mesh 0.6ohm coil head which is rated between 15w and 25w.
The SPL-12 Mesh used in the coils can be purchased to use in mesh RTA's and RDA's, both the 0.17 and 0.3ohm mesh is available along with 0.17ohm double mesh wire which heats up and cools down twice as fast, first seen from Vapefly (it looks just like the patented duplex mesh to me!).
Also you can buy SP-12 rebuildable coil accessories packs to really reduce the cost, again very similar to what we have seen from both Vapefly and Wotofo!
Fitting The Pod
Both the rear and front face plate are contoured to the shape of the 22mm round pod so act as a vertical shaft for the pod to slide down into place. Looking at the bay we have a metallic shelf that forms the perimeter to attract the magnets of the pod and then below we have the central positive and then to one side the negative Gold plated, spring loaded contacts.
The bay is very clean looking and both the pod or if using the 510 adaptor fit perfectly with a strong magnetic force but it does allow for the pod (or fitted atomiser to the adaptor) to turn to adjust the position of the airflow!
The Airflow
The Pod which as already mentioned is more like a tank has dual cyclops just like a standard bottom airflow sub-ohm tank. We have an AFC with some fine knurling for grip and it adjusts with a nice stiff tolerance (it won't move on it's own accord). When fitting the pod you just need to make sure the slots are lined up with the sides of the device so they are not obscured!
The 510 Threaded Adaptor
The Veego 80 comes with a 510 adaptor which fits to the pod bay just like the pod does but then gives the device 510 threading to fit any standard atomiser. Well I say any standard atomiser but actually you are quite limited to 22mm in diameter or smaller so very much for a MTL set up used this way! After saying that if like me you like a MTL vape and have 22mm RTA's then they fit like a glove and I personally found I preferred using the Veego 80 with adaptor rather than any of my other SBS devices with such atomisers!
I tried 5 different RTA's and they all screwed into the threading and sat nice and flush but just beware the central positive pin which will lower when an atomiser is attached is not actually spring loaded but I had no issues. Looking at the base of the adaptor visually it is very much like looking at the base of the pod with a coil installed, we have the Gold plated central positive followed by the negative surround and to either side a kidney shaped magnet!
You can just slot the adaptor into the bay and then screw an atomiser on or what I preferred was to screw the atomiser into the adaptors threading and then just lower the whole assembly into position making sure the airflow was lined up with the open sides of the device!
Fitting The Battery
The Veego 80 accommodates a single 18650 battery which gets fitted from above to the spine section of the device. We have a Pico style battery cap with reasonably smooth threading to secure the battery but when securing the cap with an installed battery you have to push down firmly while turning as we have a strong spring loaded positive contact at the bottom of the battery tube!
Orientation is labelled vibrantly at the bottom of the tube and we have negative labelled in Bright White on the underside of the cap, as you would expect with this style of fitting a battery there is no movement whatsoever, great job!
The Display
We have a much loved old school style of display but the layout is just a bit of a mess. We have both vape duration and 4 digit puff counter rather than the puff count showing duration while vaping and when all 4 digits of the puff counter are in use their is no gap between the two pieces of information. Also we have no gap between the voltage (wattage in voltage mode) and resistance and when the mode is RBA which is the mode I would expect to be the most popular "R" is added between the wattage and voltage readings where there was a space and the whole display just becomes a solid block of numbers and letters!
To the left we have the wattage which will display voltage when in voltage mode and to the right of that we have "W" or "V" at the bottom and if in RBA mode we will also have an "R" above the "W"!
To the right of the wattage (or voltage) at the top we have the voltage (wattage in voltage mode) followed by the resistance. Below to the left we have vape duration and to the right a four figure puff counter which only reveals any field that is in use so 0029P would just be displayed as 29P, finally to the right of the display we have a vertically positioned battery status bar!
Operating The Device
The Veego 80 has a very basic chip and old school display which is all many people require. The device is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and five clicks to turn off and once on fire and down pressed together locks the whole device including the fire button and unfortunately I can't find anyway of locking just the navigational buttons which would be my preference! The only other combination button press feature is fire and up together which resets the puff count!
The device has three modes which are wattage which is actually a smart wattage mode so limits the upper wattage dependant on the resistance of your coil, variable voltage and RBA which is actually standard variable wattage allowing adjustments from 5 to 80w with no limitation, to switch between the modes is 3 quick clicks of the fire button. The wattage adjusts in 1w increments and whether in wattage or RBA mode round robins. When in variable voltage mode it adjusts from 0.5v to 4.2v in 0.1v increments and again round robins!
Overtime Protection Short Circuit Protection Low Voltage Protection Over-temperature Protection Over Discharge Protection Battery Reverse Protection Max Power Protection Overcharge Protection
You know the routine, I recommend charging externally but if you do need to charge in the device we have a Type C USB connection and 2A charge rate. While charging the battery status bar acts as a charging progress bar, pass-through vaping is supported!
No Voltage Boost
Something that I did notice was this has no voltage boost so will only hit whatever wattage or voltage you set if the voltage left on the battery allows. If like me who is usually between 3.2v to 3.4v with the wattage I set then any drop off in power will only occur right at the end of the battery life and will be minimal while others who might like a much warmer vape and set their wattage higher comparable to the resistance might be for example at 3.8v to 4.0v then for the most part this will perform like a direct output device not hitting the wattage or voltage you have set and giving less and less power as the battery voltage drops!
I only noticed this when testing the variable voltage mode as for the voltage set I felt I should be getting a much more powerful vape so checked the wattage output and found setting the voltage between 3.4v and 4.2v the power I experienced and the displayed wattage remained the same instead of increasing as I increased the voltage so I switched to wattage mode and again found however high I set the wattage the power I experienced stayed the same and the voltage remained at 3.4v instead of increasing as I increased the wattage!
Keep in mind though this was with the battery ran down to 3.4v and only noticed by accident when I was messing around with the variable voltage, whether it will actually effect you during use is entirely down to what voltage you tend to vape at which is determined by your set wattage comparable to the resistance and what the voltage output should be to hit your set wattage!
My Thoughts!
Being mainly a MTL vaper and with most of my favourite RTA's being 22mm in diameter I absolutely loved this using the 510 adaptor as a standard SBS device, 22mm atomisers fit like a glove and it's such a slender ergonomic device with the fire button in a great position to thumb fire!
The confusion is using the Veego 80 with the Pod this is a RDL or DL device with the cyclops airflow and low ohm included coils yet as a standard device using the adaptor it's strictly for MTL so you need to be a versatile vaper to take full advantage but then I do know many who vape different styles depending on their mood so it might well work for many!
The pod I do like with it's top-fill and standard fit 510 drip tip, not so keen on the 0.17ohm coil which had little restriction and on closing the airflow down I suffered some turbulence, although fully open it gave bags of flavour but it gave just far too much air for me. The 0.3ohm coil head was much more to my liking with half airflow for a medium restricted direct lung draw, pretty smooth and great flavour, my preferred wattage with this coil head was 38w!
This is a device you really need to do your homework on keeping in mind it's limited to 22mm atomisers and the lack of voltage boost, you really need to know with the wattages you usually vape at with different resistances how that equates to voltage output to know whether the lack of voltage boost will effect you or not, to many it will make little if any difference while for some it will be a deal breaker!
I like these old school style displays and how simple the device is to use but the layout makes it somewhat cluttered and I also don't like the fact I can't just lock the navigational buttons but only the whole device! The device fires with absolutely no delay and with the lack of voltage boost not really effecting how I vape performance for me was excellent!


Unique looking SBS AIO device Slender and Ergonomic 5 Colour spine options Nicely positioned clicky fire button Old school style display (see cons) Simple device to navigate 4 digit puff counter that can be manually reset Wattage(smart), Voltage and RBA modes Top-fill Replaceable standard 510 drip tip Dual cyclops adjustable airflow Clear pod Pods and atomisers fit securely 2 different mesh coil heads included 0.6ohm mesh coil head also available Both coils gave good flavour, 0.3ohm was my favourite Rebuildable coil head packs available Included 510 threaded adaptor Worked great with 22mm MTL RTA's Pico style battery cap (orientation clearly visible) Type C USB, 2A charge rate Supports pass-through
Only fits up to 22mm atomisers No Voltage Boost Cluttered display Can't lock just navigational buttons Slight rattle from fire button when shaking (fine during use) Being a RDL/DL Pod device but MTL as standard device might limit interest
I would once again like to thank Agnes from Nevoks for supplying the Veego 80 Pod Mod Kit for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!
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2021.09.20 04:05 zachbapes One of my favourite photos of Pi’erre Bourne | Contax G2 | 28mm | Portra 400 |

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2021.09.20 04:05 OrchidTop5685 Ley para proteger a los niños de la agenda de género en Guatemala

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