Scientists create 'concrete' using blood, sweat, tears of astronauts for construction on Mars

2021.09.20 05:00 autotldr Scientists create 'concrete' using blood, sweat, tears of astronauts for construction on Mars

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Researchers from the Capital Normal University in China found a 99-million-year-old amber sample that preserved a mother spider protecting her young.
Many modern spider species have been found to take measures to ensure the survival of their offspring; females have been seen crouching to cover hatchlings, and tying eggs closely together using their silk.
In this study, researchers found evidence of a mother spider, from what is known as the mid-Cretaceous period, exhibiting the same behaviour.
The researchers found four chunks of amber that had been extracted from a mine in Myanmar that contained entombed spiders.
By studying the topography and mineral composition of a portion of the Arabia Terra region in northern Mars, scientists found evidence for thousands of such eruptions.
The researchers hope that Arabia Terra will teach scientists something new about geological processes that help shape planets and moons.
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2021.09.20 05:00 Available_Chonkus which classic ps1 game had the better sound track?

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2021.09.20 05:00 Known-Ad-100 Should i buy the Samsung Galaxy 360 15.6 in?

I currently use a MacBook Pro, it's over 10 years old. It honestly still runs great. Runs smooth, quickly, doesn't overheat. The battery only lasts about 2-3 hours (not sure if it's declining - but I think that was pretty normal at the time). However, I don't like when I'm working at a Cafe or something and my computer dies - many cafes don't have available outlets and I work remote. It's also kind of heavy and clunky compared to what's available now. Because I've had such luck with this computer I'm thinking about another MacBook pro - but I just kind of don't like Apple products or the company and I'd like to switch to a PC.
The Samsung 360 looks nice and sleek, and super long battery life (which are the 2 main features I am looking for)
Does anyone have any experience? I don't know anyone with one and have read mix reviews.. But if I'm spending ~ $1500 on a computer - should I go Samsung, stick with mac, or try something else?
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2021.09.20 05:00 According-Dig-9498 RBT salary to ask for in job interview in Southern California?

For reference I’ve been a Lead RBT for 2 years, have my masters and supervised fieldwork hours completed already.
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2021.09.20 05:00 Subirama O que já viram em academia?

Situações que quase entram no campo do erotismo ou sexualidade, que eu testemunhei:
1- entrei por engano no vestiário feminino mas só tinha uma mulher e estava de toalha; depois fiquei sabendo por uma amiga que a mulherada nos, horários de maior movimento, adoravam ficar peladas no vestiário; ou seja, escolhi o dia/hora errados pra errar a porta;
2- no vestiário masculino um moço negro com um membro de tamanho considerável sai da ducha pelado e fica andando pra um lado e para o outro antes de se vestir; fiquei constrangido e imaginando se ele faria a mesma coisa se não fosse dotado;
3- a clássica gostosona de corpo impecável malhando bem na frente da esteira onde eu estava correndo; se não bastasse ter a perfeição, ainda usava uma bermuda que devia estar no intestino de tão enfiada na bunda que estava.
Não foram coisas absurdas, mas foi o máximo que me aconteceu. E com vocês?
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Another great week of playlists here at the Project. Can’t believe how far we’ve come! Hats off to the ladies for taking the crowns this week.
Here are the winners:
Apple Music Winner: u/jannn99 - 'Chill🌞' This playlist consists of easy going pop and hip hop tracks. Perfect for a warm, end of summer, night.
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Original Post:
Spotify Winner: u/aliceslibrary - 'Meet Me In The Woods’ Consisting of a mix of alt, indie, and folk. This ‘stomp and holler’ vibe is perfect for the outdoors.
Spotify Link:
Apple Music Link:
Original Post:
Week 9 starts now! Post your favorite playlists to ProjectListen and be featured in next week's contest.
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2021.09.20 05:00 introsort [Hiring] Library & Reference Jobs in Lakeville, Minnesota | Facebook (Facebook)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Library & Reference Jobs in Lakeville, Minnesota | Facebook
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2021.09.20 05:00 nitsirklea Dog Gallery, 1000 (999) pieces, Cobble Hill. All the frames were tricky!

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2021.09.20 05:00 Fibonacci5813 [LTS][PC][GOS](Crossplay) Teaching Garden of Salvation + Divinity 09/20 7PM EST

I'm looking for 5 FIRST TIMERS for a run of the Garden of Salvation raid this Monday.
We will be doing the Divinity quest as well but you do not need it to participate.
I'm Crossplay friendly, but Discord will be mandatory.
The run has an average of 3 hours so make sure you have time for it.
My Sherpa Card
Leave a message with your Discord ID and BUNGIE Name, or if you have any questions.
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2021.09.20 05:00 exerciselove Anxious about parents needing more help

I’m in Minnesota. My parents are in Ohio. My sisters also live out of state, but closer than me. My dad is 81, has severe chronic pain, edema in his legs so they look like tree trunks, and some signs of cognitive issues. He has fallen a few times at home. My mom (77) is for the most part fine. Has some mild confusion which doesn’t interfere with daily life. Exercises regularly. She is very resentful of having to take over tasks for my dad and extremely frustrated when he can’t remember things. She’s never gotten over the fact that none of us live there either. My sisters and I offer to help doing what we can (helping them find a new place to live that isn’t so much work & all on one level, making phone calls, paying bills, coming to visit etc) and she refuses it all. My sisters & I do visit regardless of her telling us not to come. She won’t take away my dads car keys either. He should not be driving anymore. This is a crisis waiting to happen. And I feel very unprepared….. They do have health care directives and power of attorney. We aren’t on their bills or bank accounts. They do have long term care insurance. Since my mom is of sound mind and body, I guess there is nothing to do until the crisis occurs. It’s so hard because I’m a planner and there is no plan here.
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2021.09.20 05:00 knycoa Messaged an ex saying sorry

I don't know if this was a good or a bad thing. I probably shouldn't have done it. I just wanted to make things right. The last time I messaged them I was in a hopeless state of mind and said things I didn't mean.
I basically messaged them apologising for all my bs through the years and explaining my diagnosis. Trying to tell them that it's not an excuse for things I said or did but just trying to give a reason behind it.
I ruined the best thing in my life from the paranoia and impulsive thoughts. I thought the chronic emptiness I felt was due to the relationship when it was just me. They've moved on to someone new and are probably much happier without me... I feel like I've ruined my entire life. At the time it felt like the right thing, leaving them. I'm such a screw up.
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Anyone ever hear of anyone doing custom mini replica helmets?
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English: bottom

  1. the bed of a body of water, as of a river, lake, sea
  2. low land formed by alluvial deposits along a river
  3. that upon which anything rests or is founded, in a literal or a figurative sense
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